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Ralph's Interiors is a residential and commercial interior design company specializing in residential, and boutique design. We offer design support for homes, condos, offices, restaurants and lounges.

We provide help with all design stages including: space planning, concept development, furniture construction, material selection, color consultation even furniture selection and furniture purchasing. We enjoy taking a space and giving it new life & purpose. We collaborate with our team to develop a design that is architecturally beautiful and also represents our client's individual personality and lifestyle.

To provide the best quality of furniture to our clients we use traditional methods of upholstery. Jute webbing is used on the base of any piece of furniture; it provides a sturdy base to attach the coil heavy gage springs. These springs are then 8-way hand tied with jute twine making them stronger, longer lasting and more comfortable. It also allows the correct pitch for the cushions to keep their shape and stay in position. This is a time consuming method but doing it guarantees a longer life expectancy with integrity to each piece. Burlap is then used over the springs & given its flax quality it is inherently, mold, mildew, and pest repellant. Once the burlap is applied there are several possibilities of padding combinations varying from Horsehair, Cotton, Wool, Polyurethane foam, Latex foam and Dacron.

Depending on the customers' style and needs we adapt the padding to each piece. Once the piece is upholstered in the final material the customer has the option to choose a variety of cushion inserts from Dacron Wrap, Fiber Envelope with foam core, Down Envelope with foam core, or either of the two with spring cores.

We never use plastic or cardboard inside or outside of our pieces. All frames are made from Dried Adler Wood (other woods are available) hand cut, molded, or carved; dowel jointed or dove tailed. No joint is ever attached using screws, nails, or staples.

Our office is open to public and trade; all aspects of the upholstering process are done on site.

Design Team

Sherry was born in Torrance California and travels to Costa Rica often to visit her family. She developed a strong interest in furthering her education. After completing high school, Sherry went to college and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Hotel & Business Administration in 2001 from Universidad Latina, in San Pedro, Costa Rica. She then earned her Associates Degree in arts with focus in Interior Design from Santa Monica College in 2004. Later, Sherry earned her Associates degree in Culinary Arts from the Art Institute of CA - Los Angeles in 2005. She will Sherry took over her father's business in 2001. She maintained the quality of work her father, Ralph established. She learned the traditional ways of upholstering from Ralph at a very young age and developed a talent for it. In May, 2013 Sherry went back to the Art Institute of CA - Los Angeles to earn her Associates Degree in Baking and Pastry. Sherry lives in Los Angeles with her five rescued Shih Tzu's. You can meet them when you visit our office!

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ralph was born in Costa Rica and learned his trade early by training with furniture making artisan, Orlando "Mechas" Vargas. Orlando took Ralph in at the tender age of 10 and taught him the trade the way he learned it from his mentor. Ralph grew up in Costa Rica but he moved to the U.S. to further his education with the hope of opening his own business. He graduated from Trenton High in New Jersey and went on to Mercy County College where he studied Psychology and Humanities. Later, Ralph moved to Philadelphia and studied Design at Temple University. When he moved to California, Ralph enrolled at Cerritos College and there he specialized in Space Design. Ralph has been an upholsterer for over 55 years and has moved all over the U.S. When Sherry took over, Ralph was able to partially retire in Costa Rica.



Asst Upholsterer


Alba Reyes
Fabric Cutter

EXTENDED FAMILY INCLUDES - Erick Salgado, Finisher & Bienvenido Barrera, Carpenter

Awards / Recognitions

  • 2012
  • LA Times | Home & Garden
  • L.A. at Home,
  • Pasadena Showcase House of Design - SEE HERE

  • 2009
  • California Style Magazine
  • The Life Aquatic, -pp. C108-C117